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industrial de forrería, s.a.


Industrial de Forrería


Fashion is not only about beauty, but also about the feeling, and the care for the skin that wears it. The objective of clothing is to get a perfect union between the garment and the body shape.

Lining, the inside face of fashion, does not fade away like tendences, but remains in the most intimate part of the suit. It is the subtle element between the body and the garment which reinforces the quality of the product.

Lining is the base of the garment, it is the link with the body, from where the design grows. Lining gives shape to the outside fabric, it gives it body and lives in it. Lining dresses the suit as well as the suit dresses the body.


Industrial de Forrería


Industrial de forrería, s.a. placed in the textile area with more tradition in Spain.

Over 50 years specialising in the production of lining for various types of products: clothes, fine leather goods and accessories.


Industrial de Forrería


Great variety of lining: plain or with stripes, squares, patterns, micropatterns, printed or jacquard. The materials used are 100% viscose, viscose/acetate, acetate, cupro/bemberg, viscose/polyester, 100% polyester and polyamide. All of them are environmentaly friendly.

Excellent quality lining to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Various types of finishing that guarantee the durability, fastness solidity and stability of all our product range and their respective uses.


Industrial de Forrería


High speed machinery for large volumes of production.

Precision tools for specific works: multicoloured wefts, tucked selvedges and other new fashions.

State-of-the-art looms, inspection machines and doubling machines.


Industrial de Forrería


Permanent analysis of market demands and development of tendences..

Quality control of all our dyed and finished products to ensure the very best guarantee to our clients upon delivery.

Permanent stock of basic products in more than 250 colours, which can be delivered immediately and, presented in accordance with the client´s needs: folded on rolls, flat blocks or round tubes and by pieces of 25, 50 and 100 m.



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