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From our modest beginnings to becoming industry leaders, we have put innovation and quality at the center of everything we do.

Foundation in Barcelona

The company was founded in the Les Corts neighborhood in downtown Barcelona. From the beginning, it specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of linings, both in the field of fashion garments and accessories (bags and wallets).


Construction of a new weaving factory in Sant Llorenç Savall (Barcelona)

The continuous growth of the business and the urban growth of the city itself, which made coexistence with the industry difficult, forced production to be moved outside the city of Barcelona, ​​leaving the warehouse and offices within the city for the time being.


Movement of offices and warehouse to Sabadell

The rest of the company’s facilities were moved to the city of Sabadell, an area with a long textile tradition, which allowed an easier connection with the weaving factory. This change allowed us to expand the warehouse to be able to implement the stock service of our most common products.


Purchase of 40 SAMT rapier looms

In 1988, growth was consolidated with the acquisition of these rapier looms, which allowed us not only to expand our production capacity, but also to raise our quality standards and process control.


Purchase of 30 Tsudakoma air-jet looms

In 2002 it was decided to make a technological leap, changing the rapier looms, a technology that had been used since the beginning of the company, for air injection looms. Its incorporation into our operations not only improved our capabilities, but also allowed us to meet the challenges of growing demand.


Purchase of automatic packaging equipment

The technological renewal continued with the investment in automatic packaging range to face the competitiveness challenges imposed by the liberalization of imports of Asian fabrics.


International Activities and Participation in Première Vision

International activities began in the early 2000s, moving from an eminently national focus to an international one.

As part of this new approach, an international commercial network was created that allowed us to enter new markets in which we were not yet present. One of the most notable milestones was our participation in internationally renowned fairs, such as the prestigious Première Vision.


Renewal of the corporate image

There comes a time when the very foundations of innovation demand change. Thus, our company faced the challenge of updating its corporate image, a transformation that not only reflected a new visual appearance, but also renewed values ​​and a bold vision for the future.


Launch of idf lining, online store of high-end linings

With the aim of making our articles available to everyone, the idf lining online store has been launched. This channel allows you to access our wide range of products in stock service easily and in small quantities.

The essence of idf lining lies in the ability to deliver smaller quantities without sacrificing excellence. We know that every detail counts in your industry, and that’s why we’ve shaped our offering to be perfectly suited for freelancers and creative professionals. idf lining web portal

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