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Apart from our product offering, we also offer third-party manufacturing and product quality control services.

Manufacturing of greige fabrics under customer specifications

Our looms are suitable for manufacturing other fabrics beyond lining. It is for this reason that we have been manufacturing fabrics for other applications according to the needs of our clients for years. From outer fabrics in the fashion industry to technical fabrics used in multiple applications.

With the client’s information/specification, we put our team to work to develop the product that meets their requirements.

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  • Manufacturing according to customer specification
  • Direct Loom Supply
  • Greige fabric Quality Control
  • IDF or customer supplied warps and wefts
  • Sectional warping and twisting of yarns also possible

Quality Control for third parties using their own formats or those provided by the client

Fabric Quality Control

Our Quality Control facilities have several inspection tables that allow us to carry out Quality control of our products and also of other products that our clients require to control.

We have our own quality control reports or we can also work with our clients’ formats.

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